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The company Harakis. We will answer all your questions about real estate

Our company Harakis was established back in 1937 and with its continuous growth. By now it is one of the leading land developers in Cyprus. ...
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Cyprus beaches

Cyprus is well-known as a place with good ecology and clean sea. Some of the Cyprus beaches are marked as the cleanest in Europe! That ...
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Cyprus dwelling: biggest in Europe

Guess who has the biggest apartments and houses in Europe? Of course, Cyprus dwelling is the leader here! Did you know that the average size ...
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Best real estate projects in Cyprus at Best Invest Cyprus

2017 in general was noted as a year of growth, during which the recovery of Cyprus economy had a positive impact on the property market. ...
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Hara Zoe Residences. Best property in Cyprus for comfortable living

Are you looking for the best property in Cyprus for comfortable living? Do you want to enjoy all privileges and convenience of living in town ...
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Hara Zoe Residences. Smart Home system is affordable!

Most people think that Smart Home system is extremely expensive and not affordable for a lot of families. Today we are going to break this ...
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Welcome to a luxury lifestyle at Hara Elite Home!

We already described to you some important features of luxury lifestyle at Hara Elite Home. Now it’s time to discover its awesome infrastructure. We took care not only ...
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Cyprus Real Estate Prices

2017 in general was noted as a year of growth, during which the recovery of Cyprus economy had a positive impact on the property market. Cyprus ...
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Hara Elite Home. Enjoy your living in a smart home!

You already know what Smart Home system means, and we want to present you the first project in Cyprus which is nearly Zero-Energy building (NZE) ...
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Cyprus property revaluations underway

Cyprus property revaluations underway. The values of around 2 million Cyprus property objects are being updated by the Department of Lands & Surveys to reflect their ...
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Permanent Residence Permit

A Permanent Residence permit in Cyprus may be acquired if the applicant falls within one of the six categories “A-F” described in the Regulations

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Cyprus (EU) Citizenship Program

Cyprus offers arguably the most attractive citizenship programs by investment criteria in the EU. The new immigration initiative is aimed at non European migrant entrepreneurs and investors.

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Financing Programs

P.Harakis, in collaboration with its associates Merit Group, performs financial feasibility studies on projects to determine future returns and assess investment viability.

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7 Archimedes Street P.O.Box 53130

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