Corporate Sustainability

P.Harakis Ltd. recognizes the importance of social responsibility and working towards a sustainable future.

The company has staked out sectors of suitable land from its large land portfolio for renewable energy projects. The company has applied for an exemption license from the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) in order to develop a photovoltaic commercial park in the village of Pano Kivides and has ambitions to joint venture with industry partners in developing multi-megawatt solar farms and wind parks.

Our commitment to energy efficient projects is evident in our current projects, which accommodate full home automation in order to minimize energy waste. Hara Elite Home complies with the highest accreditation of energy efficiency (cat. A) due to its highly insulated building materials, shading louvers, VRV type Cat A hidden air conditioning units, provisions for under floor heating, as well as a photovoltaic panel infrastructure on the roof.

Hara Elite Home Οροφή A
Hara Elite Home Οροφή Β

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