Cyprus dwelling: biggest in Europe

Guess who has the biggest apartments and houses in Europe? Of course, Cyprus dwelling is the leader here! Did you know that the average size of a Cyprus property is the largest in Europe, while properties in Romania are the smallest according to the Eurostat dwelling size statistics?

The average size of a Cyprus dwelling is 141.4 square metres. It’s the largest in Europe according to the league table published by Eurostat.

Commenting on the figures, Cystat said “If a person lives in a house with an area of more than 141,4 m2, he/she lives in a residence that is above the average size of dwellings in Cyprus.”

The country with the lowest average size of dwelling is Romania at 43.9 square metres compared to the EU average of 95.9 square metres.

Coming in silver medal position in the “mine is bigger than yours” chart is Luxembourg with an average dwelling size of 131.1 square metres, while Iceland takes bronze with 130.4 square metres.

Here is the top 10:
  1. Cyprus – 141.4 square metres
  2. Luxembourg – 131.1 square metres
  3. Iceland – 130.4 square metres
  4. Belgium – 124.3 square metres
  5. Norway – 122.7 square metres
  6. Denmark – 118.1 square metres
  7. Switzerland – 117.2 square metres
  8. Netherlands – 106.7 square metres
  9. Portugal – 106.4 square metres
  10. Austria – 99.7 square metres

Although the average size of a Cyprus dwelling takes the gold medal, it’s probably at the bottom of the world league table for the time it takes to issue Title Deeds for its properties.

Unfortunately, the figures of Malta and the United Kingdom were unavailable. As the UK is still using yards, feet and inches and is focussing its attentions on BREXIT negotiations, the unavailability of figures is quite understandable.

Could you imagine that Cyprus would outrun in this contest even Norway which is on the top of world ratings of level of life? What do you think is the reason?


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