Cyprus needs to improve energy efficiency

As per a survey that was conducted by Cyprus Energy Agency, Cyprus businesses need financial support to improve energy efficiency.

There is a plan to achieve a primary energy consumption in Cyprus of not more than 2.23 Mtoe by 2020. To meet this challenge, the reduction of energy consumption of Cypriot businesses will play an important role.

According to the survey, the interest of businesses in Energy Efficiency is high. But in spite of this, knowledge about energy saving opportunities is lower. Most businesses claim that energy efficiency is very important, however, many of them cannot identify any energy saving opportunities. There is high usage of simple and cheap measures, such as replacement of inefficient lighting. But it’s not that easy to find an implementation of measures with higher investments.

High interest is also showed regarding energy renovations of buildings and energy upgrades of process equipment. But it’s necessary to admit that these measures are rarely implemented due to high costs. Because of this, Cypriot businesses require financial support from the government to embed new technologies and to improve energy efficiency. In order for all businesses to have access to the available funding further incentives and aid are required by smaller businesses.

Collaboration with the Environment Agency of Austria

The possibility of collaboration in order to reduce energy and resource consumption was also explored. The survey focuses on identifying existing awareness level and needs and practices of theirs, in the field of energy efficiency. The outcomes of the survey will build the basis for further awareness raising activities and alignment of governmental services and support within Cyprus, especially targeted for Cypriot enterprises. As a next step, the Ministry together with the Cyprus Energy Agency and the Environment Agency of Austria, will organize an event to present opportunities and best practice examples for businesses in Cyprus.

Harakis projects

The question of energy efficiency is one of the most important all over the world and Cyprus is not an exception. Our company Harakis does everything possible to make our buildings energy efficient. One of Harakis projects, Hara Elite Home, is the first residential complex in Cyprus which is a nearly Zero-Energy building (NZE). For all our projects we implement strategies and choose materials and equipment that will guarantee as low energy consumption as possible.

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The source: In-Cyprus