Energy saving programme in Cyprus

Energy saving programme

In 2018 the Ministry of Energy opened the second call for proposals for the grant scheme “I Save I Upgrade”. There are opportunities for people who live in Cyprus permanently to increase the level of energy saving of their homes. The energy saving programme is a part of the 2014-2020 Business Plan “Competitiveness and Sustainable Development”.

Funds for energy saving programme

The European Union and the Cyprus Government provide funds for the programme and the amount available is €8 million. The energy saving programme covers purchase and installation of new equipment and materials. The available grant for projects with at least 50% energy savings per case is 50% of the cost. As for vulnerable groups it covers 75%. There will be a €15K limit (€10K for apartments). For proposals for an upgrade to a “near zero energy level” the grant could reach €25K for houses and €20K for apartment units.

After 2020 in Cyprus all new buildings will have to qualify as “near zero energy buildings”. It refers to buildings with better living conditions, with a very high energy performance and net energy consumption close to zero. That means the energy used annually by the building is equal to the renewable energy produced on site. At the moment the minimum required energy rating for new buildings in Cyprus is B.

The application period for the energy saving programme opened on April 16th. And it closes as soon as the funds run out. The applicants before they submit an application have to to choose an accredited expert who will provide the required analysis. The grant is given to the home owner after the works are completed and approved by the Ministry’s officials.

Investing in high energy performance and renewable energy is investing in a greener tomorrow and in a higher quality of life.

Harakis projects

Hara Elite Home is one of the first residential development projects in Cyprus to achieve a Class A Energy certificate. That means specifications meet the stringent standards set by the EU regarding passive energy consumption. We could achieve this with premium quality double glazed windows with maximum U value of 1.2 w/m2 K, (PLANIBEL ENERGY N) and aluminium frames with maximum U value of 1.2 w/m2 K. All floors, walls and external frame elements of the building are insulated with XPS material. This will result in lower bills and increased comfort for potential residents.

Each apartment in the development has underfloor heating installed for added comfort in winter months. It’s operated by energy efficient heat pumps, individually controlled by each owner.

In order to achieve the A Energy Classification, the building is fitted with Photovoltaic panels on the roof individually for each apartment  and to assist with common area energy needs. What is more, all lighting will be LED for lower energy consumption and all facade systems will be treated for maximum performance against energy losses.

Other than the essential lighting in apartments and common areas, our designers have incorporated clever architectural mood lighting to further enhance the building’s striking design.

In order to achieve highest energy efficiency we are installing the leading thermal aluminium sections. They have reliable and robust mechanisms. In combinations with the highest grade ‘planibel’ glass thereafter these sections perform the best passive thermal performance and added security.

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The source: Cyprus Property News