Modernization of the cadastral system of Cyprus

Due to the growing economics and “Citizenship through investments” programme, we can see a sustainable demand for the new properties in Cyprus.  A lot of foreign companies open offices here because of comfortable taxation and bring their employees to Cyprus. Companies need new offices, people need houses and apartments. All these reasons caused the construction boom. We can see a lot of new developments all over Cyprus. And it’s logical that the cadastral system has to meet all requirements of the fast growing industry.

An agreement with Esri

In April, the Department of Lands and Surveys, within the Ministry of Interior, signed an agreement with Esri. According to this agreement Ersi will upgrade the current GIS, called the Cyprus Integrated Land Information System (CILIS). CILIS currently underpins all cadastre and land registration processes and procedures in the Mediterranean island. After upgrade it will become a government-wide system based on the ArcGIS platform, covering the whole country.

The Department of Lands and Surveys is one of the most important government divisions in Cyprus. It is involved in processing all building permits requests and issuing title deeds. Also this department is connected with a lot of other governmental structures that get data from the cadastral system.

“There is a lot of development going on right now,” said Constantinos Papantoniou, the technical consultant at Esri. “A lot of foreign companies are coming to Cyprus because of its low corporate taxation rules. They are buying land and properties in urban areas, so there is high demand in all the cities, and there is a lot of growth there—construction, big buildings, hotels, and tourism.”

With a landownership and cadastral system now grounded in the most innovative GIS, the Department of Lands and Surveys will be able to handle all property-based transformations with ease—as well as any others that might be on the horizon.

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