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Single Registry of Service Providers of the Cyprus Investment Programme is on the way

Single Registry of Service Providers of the Cyprus Investment Programme is on the way.

As we mentioned before, Cyprus is one of the most attractive places for getting citizenship because of its life style and opportunities for running business. In connection with Cyprus Investment Programme, a lot of companies exist eager to provide legal and financial services to support the process of getting residential permit or citizenship.

As of July 31st 2018, any applications for the Cyprus Investment Programme may be submitted on behalf of the applicants only by natural / legal persons registered with the Registry of Service Providers (Registry) of the Cyprus Investment Programme. The Registry will be updated regularly.

On June 15th the Ministry of Finance of Cyprus started to accept applications from all companies interested to provide services related to Cyprus Investment Programme. All applications must be accompanied by the service provider Self-Declaration form and by the applicant’s Self-Declaration form who received services for the purposes of the Programme. In addition, the service provider has to submit a report of the findings of due diligence review for each applicant, as specified in the Code of Conduct.

Till July 30th the current system of applications for Cypriot citizenship will be in place. As of July 31st, all applications should be supported only by companies or individuals that will be registered by The Committee of Supervision and Control for the Cyprus Investment Programme. Holding a certificate of the educational seminar that took place on June 21st is one of the conditions allowing service providers to be included into the Registry.

Just to remind that the Cyprus Investment Programme lets investors obtain Cypriot citizenship in a short time. For these purposes a person has to invest 2 million EUR into Cyprus economy. From the beginning of this programme in 2008 more than 1600 investors and 1600+ family members got the citizenship. In May 2018 the government limited the number of passports through investments up to 700 per year. In 2017 the Cypriot citizenship was given to 503 investors which is a maximum per year up till now.

Our services.

Our partner company Meritservus is in process of arrangements to be included in the very first Registry and provides the following services:

  1. Financial consultations and assistance
  2. Legal advice and assistance
  3. Advice on investment packages
  4. Feasibility studies of investments

We will help you to find a property that will meet all your requirements and will provide feasibility study of your investments to make your way to a Cypriot citizenship easier.

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