Our Team & History

Panicos Harakis, our founder, created the company with a focus on providing customers affordability and security. This vision is kept alive today, and we support our customers with a full range of services in relation to property acquisition, maintenance, and performance.

The company today has accumulated 1,460 acres of prime land, the vast majority in Limassol, and has established itself as a leading property developer. Our project portfolio is mainly residential, but includes office, commercial and sports development projects.

Although we embrace new ideas, we retain a sense of conservatism and a commitment to simplicity. Our recent residential projects incorporate intelligent home automation systems and energy efficiency, whilst delivering architectural elegance with a focus on practical living.

Together with our affiliates, we can assist in all financial, legal and tax optimization matters related to the acquisition and maintenance of property in Cyprus, as well as helping our customers achieve an attractive return on investment. Our all-round capabilities are useful when assessing qualification criteria related to fast-track Cyprus naturalization and residence schemes via investment.

Eftapaton, Limassol
Eftapaton, Limassol

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