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Our company Harakis was established back in 1937 and with its continuous growth. By now it is one of the leading land developers in Cyprus. We support our customers with a full range of services in relation to property acquisition andmaintenance.

Plots and Property for Sale

The company Harakis has an extensive portfolio of land primarily in Limassol, as well as a portfolio of completed projects available to purchase. We offer you the full flexibility to choose your ideal location and lifestyle. Harakis is able to develop and customise your property according to your needs. Whether it is a plot, house or a flat, we can offer it to you tailored specifically to your requirements.

Financial Assistance

Investing in property is a big decision, requiring a number of steps and calculations to verify the purchase before it is finalised. When buying a home or land, it is essential to review one’s finances to determine a reasonable down payment and monthly instalment plan. The company Harakis will assist you with organising the financing of your investment through its ties with leading lenders to ensure you have the correct loan scheme for your needs.

Legal Advice and Assistance

The legal process of purchasing real estate can be lengthy and stressful. Our company Harakis is able to provide you with expert legal guidance from our in-house team. Our professionals will ensure a smooth closing to your transaction. We will make arrangements for the payment of transactional duties and tariffs and file the application to transfer. As well we will register the property in your name at the Land Registry. Set your mind at rest and know that your purchase will be processed efficiently and smoothly.

Investment Packages

We provide advice on investment packages. Subscribers may decide to invest in a combination of business equity, financial assets and real estate.

Feasibility Studies

The company Harakis, in collaboration with Merit Group, performs financial feasibility studies on projects to determine future returns and assess investment viability. We will highlight the primary issues and implications of any project in all key business areas. A feasibility study can help forecast and assess organizational, financial and marketing concerns as well as technical setbacks.

We can assist in all financial, legal and tax optimisation matters related to the acquisition and maintenance of property in Cyprus, as well as helping our customers achieve an attractive return on investment.

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